The Wabash Cannonball Motorcycle Club (WCMC) was started prior to World War II back in 1937. Original founders were Merritt Miley, Gene Bucher, Waldo Brandt, Don Bailey, Harold Milam, Bob Milam, Herschel Waggoner, and Al Slagel. The WCMC was incorporated in 1947 as a not for profit with its board of directors being Waldo Brandt, Eugene Bucher, Robert Loy, Herschel Waggoner and Porter Roth with the bylaws stating as one of its purposes “To promote and encourage the sport of motorcycle riding” along with other goals. Since that time the track has transformed many times to trends in motorcycle racing to become what it is today, a Motorcross (MX) track.

The WCMC MX track is one of the finest around the area. The track belongs to the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) MX racing circuit and holds AMA Sanctioned races. These race weekends are the biggest attendance events. People come from all over the State and Mid-West to race and usually stay for the weekend. Similar to NASCAR racing, these racing amateurs travel from track to track each weekend and compete for points. Many of these racers hope to advance to the next level of racing which is Professional-Amateur (Pro-Am). The highest levels of MX racers compete in the Professional Circuit (Pro). Each of the 3 levels (Amateur, Pro-Am, Pro) is competing not just for points but also for sponsorship money and support. See Race Events for more information.

Open rides are also available at our track. These practice rides are open to anyone who wants to use our track. No AMA membership is required. See Track Schedule for more information.

Wabash Cannonball Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a not for profit organization. Membership to the club requires sponsorship by a current member in good standing. After appearing at our meeting to present themselves for membership, the applicant will discuss how they can benefit the club and their interests for joining. Questions can be asked of the applicant by any member. After the review the applicant is asked to leave while a written vote is taken to determine if the applicant is acceptable. All members of WCMC are required to be an AMA member.

There are three types of memberships: Working membership, Non-Working membership and a 10 Year Membership. Each with different dues rates and responsibilities.

Working members pay $50 per year in dues and are required to work a minimum 32 hours at track functions. This is the required minimum but more is encouraged. Working members are required to attend monthly meetings and also have full voting rights and privileges.

Non-Working members pay $250 per year but have no voting rights and are not required to attend meetings.

10 year members are those members who have worked and belonged to track for over 10 years. They pay $50 per year dues, have full voting rights and are not required to work but their support is always appreciated.

All members in good standing are allowed access the track facilities at any time within our guidelines as stated in rules and regulations.

If you are interested in becoming a member or have more questions, please email us at info@wabashcannonballmx.com